Terms of Service.

This Agreement was last modified on October 10th, 2022.

We, at Onsa Group, provide and sell a subscription for access to our data and educational community. ONSA is first and foremost a place for learning. We reserve the right to protecting our proprietary form-factor of data and also reserve the right to decide who receives access and who is allowed to distribute our content. Please Note: Past results do not guarantee any sort of future returns. The stock market, options, and leveraged products such as futures, are all considered high risk products and should not be seen lightly.

1. Terms and Conditions

By purchasing, reserving, subscribing, or participating with Onsa Group, or any other Onsa, or Lucid Capital product and/or service, you agree that none of what is provided is financial advice unless specified as such, and all tools and data visualizations run either manually or automatically are done by your own volition and your own financial risk. The stock market is not a recipe for guaranteed success and caution can and should always be used. Our community is first and foremost a place for learning.

2. Refund/Cancellation Policy

All sales are final with a no refund policy. You may cancel at any time. If you are charged for the month or year, your subscription will last until the end of your respectively paid period. Please contact us by email if you need assistance in cancellation.

3. Shipping & Fulfillment Policy

All orders are shipped electronically and automatically minutes within purchase. Please follow all directions following check-out to ensure a hasty addition to the server where all data can be found. Should you not receive any communication from Onsa Group and/or its representatives, please contact Onsa admin via Onsa Group Discord, or one of the Onsa Group owners on Twitter or email.

4. Onsa Group is NOT investment advice nor any sort of Financial Institution.

Onsa Group is NOT an investment club nor financial institution. Onsa Group does NOT touch nor trade your money. Onsa Group is a data provider and educator. We are not your investment advisors nor securities brokers. It is up to you to ultimately choose whether or not to process such data provided. All information provided is strictly for informational and educational purposes without regard to your individual investment goals, financial circumstances, investment knowledge, and abilities.

5. No Affiliation To Others

Onsa Group has nothing to do with any non-affiliated companies or websites with similar branding or names. The name and logo have no affiliation to any other company or website.

6. Admin Role

Onsa Group and/or San and/or Swag and/or Camel and/or Ougustus and/or any moderator inside the group labeled as such represents no other company, institution, person, or group other than it and/or he/her himself/herself.

7. Privacy Policy

Your information may be collected when you visit this website. Your information collected during checkout or purchase will not be used for any marketing purposes and will be secured via this sites Payments and Accounts provider utilized by this site. Any device information is not used by Onsa Group and Onsa Group will not sell or release your private information under any circumstances.